Magnets saving city energy – Timmins Daily Press – Ontario, CA

Magnets saving city energy


Timmins council has approved the continuation of a pilot project which has already improved gas mileage in buses and energy consumption in buildings.

Magnetic Fluid Conditioners involve a series of magnets which are inserted around the mainline that feeds gas to a building or fuel to an engine.

The technology suggests the magnetic field created realigns fuel molecules so they burn more efficiently, reducing energy consumption.

It has been implemented in Europe and is relatively new to North America.

The McIntyre Arena and two city buses were chosen for the demonstration.

According to the staff report, MDT Resource installed the magnets at their cost and there was “limited cost” to the city.

The technology was at The Mac from July 2007 to June 2009.

via Magnets saving city energy – Timmins Daily Press – Ontario, CA.

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  1. Cabby Ken says

    Yes Rayvin, that’s me..and you hit it right on the Nose..The City Of Timmins..Hat’s off to You, for being Open Minded..I spent over 7 year’s promoting Magnetic Technology.
    Including Laurention Hospital, which was my biggest job!
    The Problem with Magnet’s is they are not all the same!! You need the right Gauss meaning “strength”. The right Polarity meaning “North/South”. and the right Placement!, and a few tricks I learned along the the car computer..Which is your worst enemy for fuel savings!
    That being said, cabby ken did a three year study on 6 Taxi’s. The fuel saving results, where so impressive..”I have all the Data”, that the Company gave me the go ahead to do their entire fleet.

    While I was installing my product, their Mechanic was going behind me taking them off!
    His only reasoning was that if they were “that good” GM would have them on all their Car’s..I had a Good Loud Laugh.

    The reason the Big Boy’s are not using Magnetic Technology is there is no Money in it for them..I’ll be 6 feet under, and they will still be working! Big business does not, and i repeat does not like Free Energy..They want the control, and the residual income that comes with it..
    I could go on and on about this, and I will end this with Wake-Up Average Joes/Janes…

    P.s..this was my introduction to driving taxi,
    I have No regret’s, and have had some of the greatest laughs of my Live doing so!


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