You’ll never achieve real success
unless you like what you’re doing.
No one has ever succeeded in a line
of endeavor which they did not like.

Your chances of success are directly proportional
to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do.
If you’re in a job you hate, face the fact squarely and get out.

It’s better to be a failure in something you love,
than attempting to be a success in something you don’t.

Don’t set compensation as a goal.
Find the work you love, and the compensation will follow.

The more you love what you are doing,
the more successful it will be for you.

Being a good Cabby I ask my Fare’s what they do, and i am shocked that well over 50%, do not Like what they do!! Hello apparently we only live ONCE!!

I’m Back,

Happy Mileage,

Cabby Ken

P.s This Site is just going to get Better @ Better!!!

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