Dispatchers Corner

Cabby Ken has included Dispatchers Corner, for the Sole reason, that dispatchers are a key role in the Taxi Business..Computers/Gps may be installed for the convenience of the Driver/Company and Fare..But Dispatch will never go away.
Do you have a Dispatch Story? Here you can Rant or Rave!!

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  1. mrsudbury says

    The only thing I have to ask is why do most dispatchers have a 300 pound head on a 100 pound body maybe they should drive a cab for awhile so they can shrink their fat heads

  2. twinklez says

    The only things I have to say, is why is the dispatcher such a bitch…if you hate your job so much than quit, my fav cab company is lockey but when this bitchy chick if workin i call somewere else…. you i know left like telling her if im bothering you so much, ill call someone else… well she can read it here. be nice or get out!

  3. Tinkerbella says

    I think the worst is when a driver comes in all ticked off at the dispathcher and yelling at us about something the dispatcher has no control over.
    Oh I don’t know…The customer maybe. This is the worst. I don’t know about other dispatchers but by doing this it’s making us look bad infront of our other co-workers and making us feel like crap.
    So a little tip? Dont do it.
    If you are upset with the Dispatcher for something, take a minute to calm yourself dowm, we dont want the customers to feel the tension, and when you have calmed down about the situation, politley talk to the dispatcher in a calm and collected way. ONLY over the phone or in person. I like to think this is the best way to handle the situation.

  4. Cabby Ken says

    Well said Tinkerbella..!!

    There is a good side to every situation. View your problems as opportunities.

    You cannot have the success without the failures. Any experience can be transformed into something of value. Everything depends on the way you look at things.

    What are stumbling blocks and defeat before you can be stepping stones to victory if you remain determined.

    In all of your adversities lies the seeds of equivalent advantages. In every defeat there is a lesson showing you how to win the next time.

    When it’s dark enough you can see the stars…and thats why I love Driving Nights!
    who said life was boring

    Happy Mileage.
    Cabby Ken

  5. Tinkerbella says

    So I will once again restate my point….STOP YELLING AT THE DISPATCHERS!!!!
    calm down before you call in with a complaint

  6. Car54 says

    Fighting with a dispatcher is like wrestling a pig in the mud. You’ll never win and the pig loves it! lol

  7. king says

    I think that brokers are to paronoid that company cars get better fares. PARONOID. Get out of zone 7 or 6 and 6 zone only for a short time. You need to mouve around and you do not own A zone. Happy walking miliage. Big bad king

  8. says

    And why would you care King, “what the brokers are doing”?.. Every other company out there, lets their drivers go back to the last zone they came from. As far as I know the owners don’t care…so why should you?.. Your pay check is guaranteed! Our’s are not..we have to hustle to make ends meet! Would you rather us just park outside the grocer store, and starve!..or…….Maybe it’s your controlling attitude that doesn’t work for you @ work..or @ Home?

    P.S (“,) don’t sweat the small stuff.. you can pick up this book @ Chapters or online..and another good read would be.. YOUinc

  9. king says

    I realy dont care what the brokers are doing iam a broker myself, I dont like to be followed by other brokers to see what ive got, because they think they got srewed. Remember you dont own a zone, hustle i dont think you know that word and your little groupies. Paronoid. Happy walking millage.

  10. Anonymous says

    So King, you are a broker??? Hmmmmm not sure what you are trying to say or prove but not one broker ever said that they owned a specific zone. I’m not even sure that you are a broker but I’ll tell you the facts of being a broker. First of all brokers don’t follow other brokers or other cars for that matter because they think about their gas mileage and maintenance on their veichle so happy mileage if you think your being followed. Secondly if a broker wants to sit in a specific zone so be it he is the one who is paying dispatch fees weekly to be treated fairly. Now you mention the word HUSTLE I’m assuming you do this very well at this, and must bring home very impressive trip sheets LOL. How many times have you hussled over to a zone because there is a fare up for grabs and when you got to that zone and book into it the fare was either gone or you are 3rd out in the zone now lol. Therefore a few brokers would rather stay where they are or travel to a zone that they like and stay there and hope that something might happen for them and if nothing happens well so be it. I can go on but I feel like I’m wasting my time writing this to you because I’m not sure if you are a Broker or drive for a Broker.

  11. king says

    Car 82 loves to play games with 17 zone you got caught morone, grow up. no wonder you get srewed by dispath everyone hates you lmfao

  12. says

    Thanks King…well you don’t have to worry about car 82 or 14 or 6 or 7 or 86 or..or…or any. Good luck with your new Hips..recover well #11

  13. king says

    I can see you can count Ken smart ass lol. Go play with your cellphone KIDO. Happy walking mileage.

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