Bear on Kingsway tonight…

Cabby Ken, drove almost 400/km tonight, Sudbury and area being a beautiful northern town of over 300 lakes and river’s…it is not unusual to see lot’s of wild life. Around 3am this morning Cabby Ken and fare saw a 300 lb Black Bear at the 500 block of Kings way, Now usually at this time in the morning you can see a bear, “But it’s a Bear ASS”. This was a Gorgeous Black Bear trying to figure out where to go..Hope he/she made it home Okay!

And of course i hope all the Bear Asses made it home safely tooo!

Speaking of Asses, Cabby Ken get’s dispatched to a Co-op..Cabby Ken being the good cabby get’s out of his cab walks for tooo long finds the apt #, knock’s on the door, and out of the corner of my eye i see two, almost bear ass woman drinking at the kitchen table..”Tonight was Bear Ass Night”. Any-How, my Fare is laying spread eagle at the feet of the almost Bear Ass women, with Soiled Jeans..The one woman screams at me, “Get in here”, and help us here with your fare!!..Cabby Ken being the good cabby said “I DON’T Think So”..This is what we call in the business a NO Fare, or Canceled at the DOOR!..
Who do they think we are “the Mop Squad”?
So Cabby Ken move’s on, and leaves the best for Last!!

I Believe these four Lady’s are Nurses, just by the way they where talking..Well did we have fun..Hope your all reading this blog!!
Cabby Ken did not remove the lipstick from his Cheek all night long!!
Thank-you Lady’s,
As I have said in earlier post’s “the Good always out way the Bad”!!

Happy Mileage,
Cabby Ken
P.s Who ever said life was boring?..Probably a Boring Person………………:)

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  1. Hobosic says

    We were with you in your cab cabby ken..that must of been a 300pound bear.
    we are students from TO and we don’t see large animals like that,

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