Another Baby almost Delivered in Cabby

Ken’s Cab..Yes that would make it 2 almost confirmed delivery’s for Cabby Ken..What the girls don’t know at the time is that Cabby Ken is not the Doctor in the Family, My brother Don is!!
And he doesn’t drive a taxi..
Anyway’s another close call tonight..I left a business card in her overnight bag..after helping this beautiful woman into the Hospital..Hope she responds with the the Good new’s!!
And there were friends of mine, waiting in Emergency with a sprained ankle, and they where both saying Congratulations, as i was helping my soon to be Mother Fair into Emerg..Not knowing that i was the Cab driver..How funny is that..Made me proud!!
Had a great time driving tonight, and a big thank-you to the Laurention Girl’s who bought Cabby Ken a sandwich at the drive thru tonight..You will both make Great teachers..Good luck with your study’s!
Only had to ask one Fare to Exit the Cab prematurely tonight, come-on when you call a Cab..and you don’t have any money, how far do you expect to gooooooo…?
And a final thought, remember my friends at Emerg with a sprained ankle, well i heard they where there for more than 6 hour’s waiting for a Doc..My Soon to be mother was whisked right in..know where I’m going with this one!! Oh ya stuff a big pillow under your shirt/skirt next time you have to go to Emergency!!

Happy Mileage,
Cabby Ken dot com

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