Hello Cabby Ken. My name is Apu. I am a cab driver. I have story for you.

I was driving late night shift when I pick up pretty girl. I could tell she had too much to drink. I worry about drunk girls making vomit in back of Apu’s cab but Apu’s body odour will cover it up. Drunk girl wants to go to east side. Well drunk girl is all over Apu. She was using my throbbing manhood as stick shift as we sped along 12th Avenue. Then Apu stop and pick up transvestite hooker by USS Intrepid and park by Hustler Club. Apu’s throbbing manhood gave transvestite hooker a ride down Hershey Highway while drunk girl gagged and puked all over transvestite’s rod of delight while he fingered her wet tunnel of love. We all came at once in an explosive orgasm and collapsed into heap of pleasure. Then we go for coffee and donuts.

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