KV005832Hello again Cabby Ken. Apu back with more story.

I pick up fare near club in lower Manhattan. He was piano player and had piano with him. Try as we might, piano won’t fit in back seat so we manage to get it halfway in trunk and use bungee cord to keep trunk down. Drop off passenger and we both forgot about piano. I get back to garage and Vinny the dispatcher says he got call from man looking for piano. I forgot all about it until Omar the Greek cabbie says, “Hey Apu, what is that big thing hanging from your cab?” Then I remember it was piano. We all had good laugh.

Is that kind of story you want cabby Ken? Better than sick girl story that wouldn’t have sex with her driver. Girls should know that cabbies make best lovers and know how to cure a common cold. We were all doctors back in our countries but now make money in great country of America driving cabs and selling newspapers.

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