If you can beat this one..You win a Prize!

What goes on in my Cab/Stays in my Cab..Normally!!

Well this one didn’t happen in my Cab, so here you Go!

This Cabby..that we will call Victor…Not his real name

So Victor gets dispatched to pick up a VIP..I am leaving out a lot of the details, hoping that Victor will come on here, and tell you his Story!! because I’m still scratching my head over this one..

Victor has his VIP, it’s a good fair..Maybe $200.00 plus on the meter..3/4 of the way there Victor pulls over for Gas/Coffee..Does his thing, gets back behind the wheel..Story I heard is they still had almost a half hour to drive..
So Victor gets to his destination..Turns the meter Off, turns around to say “We’re Here”..Remember I said Victor gets to his destination..His Fare Did Not!!!

There was a not so polite message, from dispatch saying go back and get your Fare, that you left at the gas station….Heloooo any one home!!

Happy (“,) Millage,


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