Fare from Hell

Hello my name is Paul. I drive a cab 3 nights a week here in Sudbury On, Canada. My nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On a Friday night about 3 years ago I was parked in front of a local pub around 1:00 am  and normally I keep my doors locked on my van ( a learning curb for rookies working only flags) anyway I forgot to lock my doors and 2 guys just open the doors and jumped in. They said just drive around town we’re looking for someone. So I started to drive around town following there directions I notice in my mirror these 2 guys were fairly big full of tattoos and high on something either coke or crack.We drove around town a few times then one guy started opening the back sliding door and yelling at women walking about town I asked him politely not to open the door and he told me to mind my business and drive. Being a seasoned driver I knew not to say another word. I now went in to evasive mode and decided since we were driving around town and the local police were always hanging around the bars at night I would find the perfect opportunity to make my move.  This one guy was jail material for sure he cared nothing about rules and laws he continued opening the door yelling obscenities at women so I told myself this has to stop. About 15 minutes had gone by then in front of a pub I noticed an unmarked Suburban that our local police use here often I stopped right beside him jumped out of my van and told the police to remove the 2 guys from my van.The 2 officers jumped out right away and the 2 guys tried to run out the passenger side of my van but were quickly subdued as more officers were in the area in unmarked cars. They cuffed both of them and asked me what happened so I told my story. Minutes later they came back to me and told me that the guy that was opening my door all the time was wanted in Toronto for sexual assault on 2 women they thanked me for making the wise choice of bailing by a police car rather than just finishing the fare and letting this guy go free to assault more women. Frankly I was glad this ride was over.

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  1. Cabby Ken says

    Key word Paul…Being a seasoned driver I knew not to say another word.
    And that’s what i found, if their out of control, you need time to think..Not egg them on..Your a Good Driver..

  2. afinchaba says

    Sonofabitch you’re lucky those guys didn’t shank you, rob you and steal your van. I hope you learn from this not to leave your vehicle unlocked while waiting for fares and watchout for gay cabbie bangers, raping cabbies with HIV and no condom.

  3. jacktherat says

    Close call Paul and good thinking on your part that you knew the unmarked police car was there to rescue you and to cuff your fares.

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