Fact or Ficton?

Driving a Cab has been rated the most Dangerous Job in the USA..

And in some area’s of Canada!!

At the same time the most Entertaining!!
Passengers from Diverse and Contrasting walks of Life: The Rich,
the Poor, The Sorry, and the psychotic – Gang members, the Drug Dealer’s, Hookers,
Mugger’s and even Cab Drivers, Share their Stories!!

Are These Stories Fact or Fiction?

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  1. Cabby USA says

    I can relate. Drove a cab for years in Jersey City on the 6-6 overnight shift and the people you meet are almost indescribable. Most people think I’m some kind of lowlife because I drove a cab but let me tell you, I did it on purpose and have no regrets. My grandfather drove a cab in NYC and owned the medallion – back then it was worth about $30K and now I think it is about $200K-250K. Cabbing was one of those things that I had to do in my life to feel at peace – kind of like making a dream reality. I did it and I did it in one of the roughest parts of the northeast in Jersey City. On top of that it was the midnight shift when all the weirdos come out.

    Not sure how cabbing is out here in the PAC NW but out there all the weirdos show up overnight on Mondays and Tuesdays when it is the slowest for a cabbie. At least out there, working for the company I worked for, I could pick my fares. So if I drove up on someone and I didn’t like the way they looked (posed a threat) then I could refuse to make them my fare. That was kind of nice.

    Good luck with getting your stories and stay safe out there.

    Jersey John

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